Sunday, August 14, 2011

Broken Hanwei blade at Pennsic

This past week at Pennsic there was a broken blade.  Most evidence says it was a Hanwei blade, but there's a small chance it was from a different, Chinese manufacturer.  This blade broke into 5 pieces, with flat ends showing a lot of crystallization (evidenced by the sparkles).  No injuries occurred.

Trimaris has currently banned all Hanwei blades for all Trimaran fencers, with discussions to occur at Trimaris Coronation, first weekend of September.

These blades are NOT banned at the Society level.


  1. As Hanwei blades are marked with their logo, it should be easy to figure out whether it was a Hanwei or not.

  2. Was it a Han wei schlager of practical rapier? We had a similar problem with what was said to have been a Han wei schlager, which exploded into several pieces, one of them landing in a viewing gallery above the gym. This was about 5 years ago. I don't think the true provenance of the blade was ever found out.

    Rapier Marshal, Canton of Der Welfengau, Ealdormere

  3. Hey - I just wanted to post a quick comment on this.

    First, I would like to remind folks that Hanwei carries three *completely* different blades that are legal for rapier in the SCA -

    1: "standard" (which are what most people imagine when hearing about Hanwei Rapiers)
    2: what I have heard referred to as "hollow" ground, or diamond (not to be confused with schalegers)
    3: and the blade that comes with the Cup Hilt rapier - (by far the best of the lot)

    Since the issues with the original batch of Hanwei rapiers that Albrecht mentions, I have not seen or heard of any other issues like this.

    As to the reported issue: I am at least 90% sure that this is NOT a Hanwei blade at all.

    When I was KRM for An Tir I was introduced to "rapiers" sold by a company called BudK that look almost identical to what I call the standard Hanwei Rapiers - the ones with the open swept hilt that were the first to be released.

    Anyways, the version from BudK are made in China, and when broken, or cut :), show a high level of crystallization as mentioned here.

    I think that it is more likely that the broken blade was from this company, and not Hanwei...

    Or that it was from five years ago ;)

    Don Ramon

  4. I have fought with Hanwei blades ALL of my SCA life. I can ASSURE you that I buy Hanwei blades because they are HANDS DOWN the most reliable blades I have ever seen or used. They are also _CLEARLY_ marked with the Hanwei logo, so if you aren't "SURE" they were Hanwei, I can assure you they were NOT...


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