Thursday, August 04, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

Since taking on this role, the two questions that have come to me most often are
1) When will new blades be approved?
2) Can I experiment with ______ ?

After Pennsic I will work with the Kingdom Rapier Marshals to create a framework for running an experiment.  We'll discuss the results expected from an experiment; how data can be generated, gathered, and reported; and how to evaluate the results.  New blades will be discussed as a specific type of experiment, and we'll determine criteria for evaluating a new blade.  I will also be designating a deputy to oversee blades being evaluated.

Once these pieces are in place, I will welcome proposals for experiments and new blades to be evaluated.


  1. A list of current experiments might be nice too.

  2. You should also have a look on the Flaggelum Dei Duelist sword, because you cant get this blade anymore. Instead you now can buy the Flaggelum Dei "Flexible" blade, which is the successor, but not on the appendix.
    And it would also be great to have more longswords available for rapier fencing.


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