Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Updates on the Trimaris ban on Hanwei blades

The confusion over whether the blade was a Hanwei or not is resolved, it WAS a Hanwei blade.  It was a Hanwei oval cross-section schlager practical rapier blade, 37", OH1061, manufactured in Dalian, China.

The KRM Trimaris posted this update this morning:
After continued delibrations with my Earl Marshall, Duke Thorstenn, I am announcing that the ban on Hanwei with the Makers Mark of "Made in Dalian China" in Trimaris will be lifted by Rapier Tourney Time Saturday at Labor Day Coronation event. Everyone is invited to a meeting under the big oak tree at the rapier field immediately after coronation court. Duke Thorstenn encourages everyone to participate in this meeting. Everyone bring your swords and prepare to be a part of the short brainstorming session, we will discuss how best to test these blades at weapons inspection among other things.
Aibinn ingen Artain / Navah
Trimaris KRM

Edited to match Hanwei's description of the blade.

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