Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Update on the Trimaris ban on Hanwei blades

At the past Trimaris Coronation the kingdom ban on Hanwei blades was lifted.  Techniques for inspecting a blade were reviewed and concerns were relieved.


  1. I was wondering if there was going to be a full report on the incident released so that everyone can learn from this incident?

  2. After reading the two posts from August, what questions do you still have? Or are you suggesting a different method of distributing information?

  3. As a Trimarian, and person at the meeting -

    Hanwai's are no longer banned. It was a consensus that it probably came from a bad batch of forges (Crystallization at the break points) .

    In order to prevent this explosion of pieces in the future the following measures have been adopted:
    1. ALL blades are to be kept completely clean of any rust or debris at all times. They are to be inspected at any practice or event. Any marshal has the right to refuse a blade to be on the field until it passes inspection again. (aka go clean it man till it sparkles and then try again to come onto the field)

    2. At EACH practice and events ALL blades (no matter the make) are to undergo the following test (similar like how we used to with Epee):
    1. Blades are to be bent in the presence of the Marshal (by either the owner or Marshal).
    2. The bending will be in a downward facing direction and not facing the populace (in case of explosion debris).
    3.The bending should have enough force to test the durability of the blade (it's to test, it not to turn it into a pretzel or leave permanent damage). Take hold of the blade by both hands with a reasonable amount of space in the middle and and apply pressure (Same test we did for Epees to check bend).

    3. Armor is to be punch tested on a regular basis (some people are adding a small cloth tag sewn to the inside their armor that has the date of their last test written in sharpie marker w/ the Marshal's initials that can easily be removed and replaced in case someone asks you for the date of last punch test.)

    4. Have fun! Be Safe! Die Gloriously and Kill with Honor...


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