Thursday, October 20, 2011

We need your help... flexibility of blades

We are looking at changing the "Approved Blades List" into simpler criteria with minimum standards, with a high emphasis on the flexibility of the blade.

To validate the plan, we need to gather as much data as possible on the blades currently being used in the SCA for both Heavy Rapier and Cut & Thrust, as well as blades we don't allow, but which might be usable in the SCA. An online survey form has been posted here:

You'll need a 3-oz weight and a 6-oz weight to do the survey. It closes on November 7th.

Please participate, and spread the word.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Very stretchy materials as armour

UnderArmour, Spandex, and very stretchy materials are NOT suitable as rapier armour and should not be included in the material tested with a drop tester to determine puncture resistance.  Feel free to wear them beneath your puncture resistant material.

Baroness Eyrny
Society Rapier Marshal