Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SRM's 2011 Q4 Report

I am pleased to find that all kingdoms report that rapier is doing well, overall.  In the past quarter, 1 dagger caught in a sleeve and broke, and 2 swords broke, no injuries and no exceptional circumstances.  Calontir's experimental program with rapier is proceeding and the project lead expects rapier to be signed into law in the spring.

Total Participant Counts
1138 Light Rapier
4032 Heavy Rapier
 316 Cut & Thrust Rapier
4179 Total Authorized Fencers
1194 Total Marshals

Discussions are underway to change how we evaluate blades as suitable for rapier combat.  The current method specifies manufacturers and models which are acceptable for use, but the blades themselves are never clearly marked, and it can be difficult for a fencer or a marshal to be sure which blades are OK and which are not.  The new 
plan builds on the existing Blade Flexibility Testing in Appendix 1.B, and using this testing method extensively have found that blades that are currently allowed for heavy rapier would continue to be allowed, and some blades considered too stiff for heavy rapier would be excluded.  A second level of the test will be added, which allow stiffer blades to be used in C&T combat only.

For some kingdom by kingdom numbers click here

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