Friday, February 10, 2012

Rapier Peerage

Please note the following excerpt from the recently published President's Report:

Additional Peerage: Based on the results of the Census data, as well as an examination of the number of participants in the Knowne World, the Board of Directors intends to explore the possibility of creating a new peerage to recognize as peers those rapier fighters who meet the general requirements for a patent of arms and who demonstrate prowess in rapier combat and cut and thrust combat. Therefore, the Board is forming an exploratory committee to investigate heraldry, regalia, corpora changes and associated issues around creating such a peerage. The board expects the committee to make concrete recommendations with respect to creations of such a peerage. Any resulting corpora changes will be submitted for comment pursuant to the Board's standard policy. The Board invites the input of the general membership, Kingdom Crowns and officers as to the make-up of the committee.

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  1. To apply, or recommend someone for the committee, send a message to or

    The committee should represent all of the SCA, not just those with an interest in rapier. People with knowledge of heraldry and the governing documents will be particularly helpful.


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