Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Reduced Armour Experiment

The kingdoms of An Tir and Atenveldt have received approval to start a reduced armour experiment.  In this experiment puncture resistant material will be replaced by abrasion resistant material over the body.  It's going to be a year long experiment in 3 phases.  For more details, read the proposal found here.


  1. Well thought out and documented. I look forward to following the results. I expect Atlantia may want to participate in this experiment when feasible since there has been similar discussion here.

    Alric The Mad

  2. I FB'ed this article on the Kingdom of the Middle's page... interesting comments. From a very, very, very unscientific sample, I'm left feeling that heat injuries (aka heatstroke) are more prevalent and dangerous than punctures in our game of choice. That might not be indicative, though, and it only takes one horrible puncture to ruin it all for us.

  3. Very thorough proposal. If the experiment is successful (as I hope), one effect might be to accelerate the Society-wide phaseout of epee and foil, since fighters using heavy rapiers would be "rewarded" by being allowed to wear lighter armor than epee fighters.

    In a number of ways, reduced armor could also encourage more accurate garb: for example, if you need fewer layers and therefore less yardage of fabric for your garb, you might be more able to afford linen, wool, or silk instead of cotton or synthetic fabrics.

    I hope this experiment can be expanded to include one or more of the Southeastern U.S. kingdoms, such as Trimaris, in order to gain data from participants about whether they feel less affected by severe heat and humidity when wearing reduced armor. An Tir is damp but relatively cool, as I understand, and Atenveldt is a desert kingdom, hot but dry.

    Tibbie Croser, Kingdom of Atlantia


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