Thursday, June 28, 2012

Change to definition of heavy leather

Discussion on the new C&T Facebook page pointed out that we defined heavy leather as 8 ounce or 4 mm while the standard equivalent to 8 oz was 3.18 mm.  After some investigation into where 4 mm came from, and international usage, our rule has been changed to 8 oz or 3.18 mm, not 4 mm; and the description of puncture resistant material changed to four-ounce (1.60 mm) leather.  Since this allows for slightly lighter leather if you buy in mm, no one's current gear should be affected.

This change is published in the official location on, it goes into effect immediately.  As Kingdoms can maintain a higher standard, they can update this change in their rules as it is convenient.

June 2012

. . .
C. Puncture-resistant material . . .
  • four-ounce (1.60 mm) leather
  • . . .
    D. Rigid Material . . .
    . . .
  • one layer of hardened heavy leather (8 ounce, 3.18 mm)
  • changes to match the standard international equivalence.

    Sunday, June 24, 2012

    2012 Q2 Summary Report

    Rapier is going well in the Known World with 4,206 authorized fighters and 1,376 marshals. Latest stats and summary is now available.

    The deadline for applications to the peerage committee is July 1st.


    Saturday, June 02, 2012

    Sadness for the East Kingdom

    It is with sadness that I must pass along the information that Master Gregory Finche, of the East Kingdom, Order of the Laurel and companion of the Golden Rapier passed away sometime last night after suffering a stroke.  Many of you may remember him from days gone by as the Gregory Popinjay as he made custom blades and furniture for weapons in the early days of fencing.

    He will be missed.