Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Youth Rapier Deputy

I am looking for a Deputy for Youth Rapier Combat

Job responsibilities:

Knowledge & Reporting
·         understand each kingdom's approach to minors in rapier combat
  • understand how Corpora and other Society rules apply to minors in rapier combat, 
    • not limited to the requirements for adults working with minors, 
    • not limited to the US rules
  • advise the SRM when necessary, including immediately reporting serious injuries
  • send quarterly reports to the SRM
Note: gaps in knowledge should be filled within a couple of months; you don't need to know everything to apply for the job.

  • propose revisions to society rapier rules to incorporate separate programs for minors, 
  • create a timeline for getting those changes approved, 
  • ensure changes are reviewed by diverse stakeholders and
  • ensure changes are implemented (this may take a year or more to complete)

  • connect with the youth rapier marshal in each kingdom that has one
  • answer questions as they come up, provide support for their programs
  • create a forum for those interested in youth rapier to connect and share ideas

An ideal candidate will have:
  • experience designing a youth rapier program
  • experience with multiple kingdoms
A good candidate will have:
  • prior experience as a youth combat deputy or other kingdom office
  • experience with multiple jurisdictions within a kingdom

Please submit a letter of application showing how your experience within the SCA and elsewhere shows that you can accomplish these responsibilities.  

Send the application to rapier@sca.org

Applications are due by February 1, 2013.