Monday, March 18, 2013

2013 Q1 Report Summary, including new Youth Rapier Deputy

Quick stats on all authorized fighters and marshals can be found here.

Mistress Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea, called Rozi, has been selected as my new Deputy for Youth Rapier.  She is in the process of contacting the Youth Rapier marshals in each kingdom that has one to discuss their current programs and the proposal for updating the Corporate Rapier Rules to include Youth Rapier.

Caid's spear experiment is going well and nearly complete.   A number of kingdoms are now experimenting with long hafted weapons.   Marshals are reminded that they can impose restrictions on battles they are running, such as limiting the length of a weapon allowed in the battle.

The reduced armour experiment has gone very well, and has resulted in no injuries. Participants are in favour of continuing. However, the timing of the experiment led to the time when the most people could participate happening during the coldest weather, and few additional people joined up. The experiment will be continued for another 6 months to get a better set of data during months when more people have reasons to participate. Trimaris is joining the experiment to provide additional data from a hot and humid area. Trimaris was chosen because of they have a very consistent and thorough record of reporting.

Thank you to the many marshals who reported on time, in every kingdom, to allow these results to be compiled.


  1. Thank you for continuing the Lower Armor experiment!!!

    And a big Gratz to Rozi!!!!

  2. I've recently been appointed as Youth Rapier Marshal for Ansteorra, where would I find Rozi's contact information?


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