Monday, July 22, 2013

Eyrny's Retirement

Copied from the announcements list of the SCA:

From:  <>
Date: Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 1:45 PM
Subject: [Announcements] Call for Applications - Office of Society
Rapier Marshal -

The Office of Society Rapier Marshal, a deputy to the Society Earl
Marshal, is open for applications. Please send resumes (modern, SCA
and rapier) to the the Society Earl Marshal at The
deadline for resumes is September 1, 2013.

Warmest thanks go to the outgoing Society Rapier Marshal Baroness
Eyrny for her service to the Rapier community and to the Society. Her
efforts leave the rapier community a stronger and more vibrant place.

As a side note, until the office is filled permenently, Don Tristan
von Heidleberg will be stepping in as interim Society Rapier Marshal
to handle any issues that arise.

Ritter Asoph Hearts, OP

Society Earl Marshal

Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas,  CA 95036

You may also email

This announcement is an official informational release by the Society
for Creative Anachronism , Inc.  Permission is granted to reproduce
this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and
electronic mailing lists.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Planning my Retirement

Please encourage anyone you think would make a good SRM to consider applying.


The Society Earl Marshal is currently seeking candidates for the position of Deputy Society Marshal for Rapier (DSMR).  Applications for the office will be accepted through August 15, 2013.

The DSMR's duties include the following:

- Supervision of all Kingdom rapier combat rules to ensure they adhere to current Society rules.
- Maintaining, updating and enforcing the Society rules for rapier combat.
- Acting as a resource for Kingdom Rapier Marshals (KRMs) and all rapier marshals throughout the Society.
- Acting as a resource for other Society and Kingdom officers for other combat disciplines when coordination is needed.
- Review and approval of experimental rapier combat proposals which Kingdoms may wish to explore
- Coordination of bids for the annual Known World Academy of the Rapier (KWAR).
- Administration of an electronic mailing list for KRMs.
- Regular reporting to the Society Earl Marshal and through him to the Board of Directors.

The successful candidate should have the following skills/competencies:

- Excellent communication skills: written, oral, and electronic.
- Ability to work with other Corporate, Society and Kingdom officers and deputies.
- Extensive familiarity with Society level armored and rapier combat rules.
- Strong knowledge of the differences in rapier "culture" between the various SCA kingdoms.
- Knowledge of current Society Rapier policies and issues currently facing SCA rapier combatants.
- Ability to meet deadlines.
- Familiarity with SCA Corporate and Kingdom structure.

As easy accessibility is a vital part of this office's responsibilities, and as the bulk of the management of the office is now done electronically, a reliable internet connection is also required.

The current Deputy Society Marshal for Rapier intends to step down after submitting the 4th quarter report on December 16th, 2013.

Please include a resume describing both SCA and modern experience, and references (SCA preferred).
Send resumes to and

Slight change to blade flexibility measurement process

In February 2012 changes were made to the blade flexibility test to improve it's ease of use.  The weight applied & the distance measured were doubled to make the acceptable range easier to see, and basic science said that doubling should not change what passes or fails.  Additional precision was added, specifying that the weight would be placed 1" from the tip, with the intention of reducing arguments about where to put the weight.

On the sword blades tested, this made no significant difference, however, Lochac has demonstrated that on some dagger blades putting the weight 1" from the tip fails daggers that pass when the weight is placed closer to the end of the tip.

Thus, a slight but significant change has been made to the wording of the blade flexibility rule in the Corporate rules
To determine if a weapon meets the standard of being "reasonably flexible": Hold weapon parallel to the ground, supporting the handle against table or bench if necessary. Hang a 6-ounce weight (170 grams) one inch (25 mm) or less distance from the tip. If the blade of a dagger (out to 18 inches blade length) flexes at least 1/2 inch (12.5 mm) the blade is reasonably flexible. For a heavy rapier blade (18" or longer), the blade must flex at least 1 inch (25 mm). For use in cut and thrust rapier, the blade must flex at least 1/2 inch (12.5 mm). Any blade 18 inches or longer, being used in melee combat, must flex at least 1 inch (25 mm).

For kingdoms simply referencing the Corporate rules, this change is now in effect.  Kingdoms with the rules copied out may make adjustments at their discretion.