Friday, February 21, 2014


October 2013 version of the handbook:

"2.B.v. Blades with a cross-section similar to a foil or epee (ie., foils, epees, double-wide epees, musketeers and flexi-daggers) are not allowed in Heavy Rapier, nor Cut & Thrust combat."

This section is reworded to:

Full length blades (i.e. greater than 18" in length from tip to top of the tang) with a cross-section similar to a foil or epee (
i.e., foils, epees, double-wide epees and musketeers) are not allowed in Heavy Rapier, nor Cut & Thrust combat.  In addition, flexi-daggers are not allowed for Cut & Thrust combat."

This ruling allows flexi-daggers to continue to be used in Heavy Rapier combat on a society level.  As usual, kingdoms are allowed to be more restrictive about the use of these blades in their rules.

Updated Rapier Marshal Handbook!

This office is happy to announce the publication of the updated Rapier Marshals Handbook (v. October 2013).  The PDF of the rulebook has been posted on the following page: .  (Note, there is also a link to Appendix 6 - which lists exceptions to the allowed blades rules.)

The main thrust of this revision was to remove the list of "approved blades" and replace it with an easy to execute "field test".  Below is a summary of the changes incorporated into this version of the rules:

Page - 2 / Paragraph - 1.E: Remove reference to retired Appendix 5.
Page - 5 / Paragraph - 2.A: Establish that objective criteria will be used to determine allowable blades in lieu of appendix 5.
Page - 5 / Paragraph - 2.B: Definition of objective criteria for allowable blades.
Page - 7 / Paragraph - 1.C: June 2012 changes to match the standard international equivalence.
Page - 7 / Paragraph - 1.D: June 2012 changes to match the standard international equivalence.
Page - 11 / Paragraph - 1.B: Doubled the weight and the deflection to aid measurement in the field. Added flexibility criteria for Cut and Thrust. Provide flexibility criteria in a table for easier reference.
Page - 20 / Paragraph -  5: Retired Appendix Section 5.
Page - 21 / Paragraph - 6: New appendix to track exceptions to the allowed blade criteria, such as fiberglass blades and plastic foils for Youth Rapier.

Please download and become familiar with the new standards.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

New Society Rapier Marshal

Greetings from Master Laertes Blackavar McBride, your new Society Rapier Marshal!  

The first order of business is to extend thanks to both the interim Society Rapier Marshal, Master Tristan von Heidelberg, for keeping the lights on and things running during the transition and to all my predecessors.

Moving forward, this office will be addressing several timely issues, including updating the rules to clarify which blades are allowed (this will happen very very soon), moving forward on Youth Rapier Combat rules and diving into the experimental programs that are waiting on feedback from this office.

The best way to reach me is to send an email to  I will do my best to respond in a timely matter.

When you get a moment, please click the "SRM Deputies" tab.  The three deputies to this office are listed and they can help you with any questions within their area of expertise.