Wednesday, March 05, 2014

SRM Moot at Gulf Wars


There will be a SRM Moot held at Gulf Wars.  The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 11th at noon. 
The Green Dragon has graciously offered to host the gathering.  It is a well known locale and a rapier tavern brawl is planned there later in the day.

Even though I will not be able to attend, the Cut & Thrust and Youth Rapier Combat deputies, Master Robert MacFarland and Mistress
Xandra Rozina Xiverras Galea (Rozi) respectively, will be there.  In addition, Don Oliver Dogberry is scheduled to be in attendance to answer any questions about the Caid Spear program and as a proxy for me (i.e. if you have any materials for this office to review, he can facilitate.)

All interested parties are encouraged to attend and ask questions.


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