Thursday, September 04, 2014

Transitioning To Facebook and Google+

Effective immediately, this site will be transitioning to Facebook and Google+. No further updates will be posted to this blog.

This change will allow announcements to reach a wider audience. Postings from this office will be made on both pages, so it is not necessary to sign up for both in order to keep track of any news.

Please take note of the the disclaimer on the pages:

"As a reminder, this is the Unofficial SCA Society Rapier Marshal's Discussion Group. The idea is to provide Society members and newcomers a place to gather and discuss rapier-related marshalate rules and ideas. The DSRM and his staff reserve the right to remove any content posted to this group and/or ban anyone from this group at any time and for any reason. Be kind to members and staff alike and everyone will get along."

To signup for these pages, please click below:

Facebook page: Unofficial SCA Society Rapier Marshal's Discussion Group
Google+ page:  Unofficial SCA Society Rapier Marshal's Group

As always, all official announcements from this office will be posted on

Laertes McBride

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