Known World Academy of the Rapier

For the next few years, KWAR it will be on an every-other-year schedule.  It will happen in even-numbered years, so as not to happen around the same time as WMAW, the largest Western Martial Arts event that attracts many of our most active re-creators and teachers.  

Currently there is no set timeline for bidding to host a KWAR.  Suggestions are welcome.  

All bids must comply with Corporate and host kingdom rules for inter-kingdom events.  This office will review it, and consult with advisors, and reply back.  If no other bids have been received yet, some time will be granted to hear if additional bids will be coming in short order.  

If more than one acceptable bid is received, preference will be given to bids that spread the event around geographically.  Bids to hold the event outside of the United States are welcome, please ensure the attendance estimates in your budget are reasonable.

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