Rule Changes

The current Corporate Rules are on the site, here.  For kingdom specific rules, please contact the Kingdom Rapier Marshal.


As of March 17, 2014, additions/revisions are being made to the October 2013 version of the handbook to address the use of Spears/Polearms/Pikes on the rapier field.  Please check with your area's Kingdom Rapier Marshal on how this classification of weapon is being used.

What this ruling does do:
  • Mandates that all fighters must be authorized before using this type of weapon on the field.
  • Establishes a baseline definition of this class of weapon.
  • Provides a common ground starting point for the use of these weapons at interkingdom events.

What this ruling does not do:
  • Forces kingdoms to use this weapon.  As with all of the rules, kingdoms are allowed to be more restrictive than the Society rules.  If a kingdom is not interested in having spears as part of their program, there is now a clear definition of the weapon.
  • Limits how these weapons are used in wars.  As with mock gunnery (RBGs), it is up to the kingdoms and stewards of interkingdom wars to determine how many of these weapons are used on the field.  It is being strongly suggested that they follow the current convention of mock gunnery (percentage of fighters on the field – usually 10%).
  • Details the exact authorization procedure.  As with all the other weapons and forms, it is up to each kingdom to determine the best authorization procedure for their area.  Kingdoms also have the option to designate these weapons as “experimental” in their kingdom in order to build hands-on experience before moving forward.
The ruling can be found here:


October 2013 version of the handbook:

"2.B.v. Blades with a cross-section similar to a foil or epee (ie., foils, epees, double-wide epees, musketeers and flexi-daggers) are not allowed in Heavy Rapier, nor Cut & Thrust combat."

This section is reworded to:

Full length blades (i.e. greater than 18" in length from tip to top of the tang) with a cross-section similar to a foil or epee (
i.e., foils, epees, double-wide epees and musketeers) are not allowed in Heavy Rapier, nor Cut & Thrust combat.  In addition, flexi-daggers are not allowed for Cut & Thrust combat."

This ruling allows flexi-daggers to continue to be used in Heavy Rapier combat on a society level.  As usual, kingdoms are allowed to be more restrictive about the use of these blades in their rules.